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Monday, August 29, 2011

Vicious Cafe Stabbing

AMPANG: He came armed with a blade and evil intentions.

And when mother-of-three Wini Roswita Abdullah dared to refuse his demand to hand over her handbag, he pulled out the knife and viciously plunged it into her repeatedly in full view of the public.

This was the terrifying scenario which faced 36-year-old Wini, who was stabbed four times by the maniac in
10pm incident on Tuesday night.

The insurance consultant was having coffee with a female friend at the ground floor cafe in Ampang Point an hour before the attack.

Speaking to The Malay Mail from her bed in Ampang Puteri Hospital, Wini said she and her friend were having a conversation when they were interrupted by a stranger.

“We suddenly realised a man in his 30s, wearing a snow cap and jacket, had approached our table. In a menacing voice, he demanded I hand over my belongings,” recalled Wini.

“I was stunned. I remember asking ‘who are you, I don’t know you and why should I give you my handbag’,” she said, adding a quick glance at her friend saw her equally frozen in fear.

Wini said she instinctively reached over to shield her handbag, placed in a chair next to her, as she feared the man might grab it.

Instead, he brandished a knife from inside his jacket and plunged the blade into her back.

“I didn’t know he had a knife and I wasn’t facing him directly. As I was bent over my bag, I felt a blinding pain in my back and I just knew I had been stabbed.”

Instead of stopping, the man continued stabbing her no less than four times in full view of shocked patrons and staff, all of whom were too stunned to react.

Wini’s friend finally snapped out of her initial shock, and grabbed her own handbag and threw it at the man, who then grabbed it.

“It was only then he stopped his attack. He then snatched my handbag, which I was still gripping, and coolly left the cafe.”

A passer-by, who witnessed the attack from outside the shop, gave chase. He saw the attacker clamber onto a motorcycle parked in front of the shop, followed by two more men on another bike, believed to be accomplices.

Passer-by helps knifed victim

The witness is believed to have tried to kick one of the bikes to stop them but failed. He then returned to the cafe to bring Wini to the Ampang Puteri Hospital, located five minutes away.

"Throughout the journey, I kept telling myself not to pass out. I was conscious the whole time until I was wheeled into the emergency unit," said Wini.

Doctors later told her she was lucky the knife did not hit any vital organs. One of the four stabs hit the ribcage, which left her in excruciating pain.

Reflecting on her ordeal, she said she was still reeling from the incident.

"I am just traumatised. I feel lucky to be alive as this man obviously had no mercy at all."

Wini's husband, Suhaimi Mahmood, 44, had rushed to the hospital from home upon learning about his wife's ordeal.

"I am stunned this happened in a cafe in full view of the public. You hear about snatch thieves, but nothing like this. I hope this man will be caught soon."

The couple have a boy, 10, and two girls aged five and six.

In her bag were personal documents, cash and credit cards.

Her friend subsequently lodged a police report at the Taman Dagang police station.

Ampang Jaya police chief ACP Amiruddin Jamaluddin said no arrests have been made so far.

“We will interview the victim in a few days after she recovers to get a detailed description of the perpetrator."

He said police were unable to recover CCTV images from the outlet as it did not cover the outdoor seating area.

Images not caught on camera

THE CCTV camera at the cafe where Wini Roswita Abdullah was attacked was faulty during the incident.

A café staff who witnessed the incident revealed this to The Malay Mail.

At the time, the staff was in the midst of closing for business. They only realised something amiss when they heard customers screaming from the outdoor seating area.

“All I saw was a customer sprawled on the ground with blood everywhere and I saw two motorcycles riding off,” said one staff.

None of them managed to see the attacker's face.

A manager at the outlet told this reporter the CCTV system had temporarily malfunctioned during the incident.

Credit to Malay Mail ...

Hmmmm ... Wht happen to the world today ??? " They " willing did anyting to get wht "they" want .. " They are so cruel " ... I hope " they " will get the capital punishment .. Seharusnya !!!!! For the woman outside there please be careful !!! Don't walk alone , find somebody ( man ) to acccompany you ... Please take care of yourself !!!

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