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Monday, August 29, 2011

Vicious Cafe Stabbing

AMPANG: He came armed with a blade and evil intentions.

And when mother-of-three Wini Roswita Abdullah dared to refuse his demand to hand over her handbag, he pulled out the knife and viciously plunged it into her repeatedly in full view of the public.

This was the terrifying scenario which faced 36-year-old Wini, who was stabbed four times by the maniac in
10pm incident on Tuesday night.

The insurance consultant was having coffee with a female friend at the ground floor cafe in Ampang Point an hour before the attack.

Speaking to The Malay Mail from her bed in Ampang Puteri Hospital, Wini said she and her friend were having a conversation when they were interrupted by a stranger.

“We suddenly realised a man in his 30s, wearing a snow cap and jacket, had approached our table. In a menacing voice, he demanded I hand over my belongings,” recalled Wini.

“I was stunned. I remember asking ‘who are you, I don’t know you and why should I give you my handbag’,” she said, adding a quick glance at her friend saw her equally frozen in fear.

Wini said she instinctively reached over to shield her handbag, placed in a chair next to her, as she feared the man might grab it.

Instead, he brandished a knife from inside his jacket and plunged the blade into her back.

“I didn’t know he had a knife and I wasn’t facing him directly. As I was bent over my bag, I felt a blinding pain in my back and I just knew I had been stabbed.”

Instead of stopping, the man continued stabbing her no less than four times in full view of shocked patrons and staff, all of whom were too stunned to react.

Wini’s friend finally snapped out of her initial shock, and grabbed her own handbag and threw it at the man, who then grabbed it.

“It was only then he stopped his attack. He then snatched my handbag, which I was still gripping, and coolly left the cafe.”

A passer-by, who witnessed the attack from outside the shop, gave chase. He saw the attacker clamber onto a motorcycle parked in front of the shop, followed by two more men on another bike, believed to be accomplices.

Passer-by helps knifed victim

The witness is believed to have tried to kick one of the bikes to stop them but failed. He then returned to the cafe to bring Wini to the Ampang Puteri Hospital, located five minutes away.

"Throughout the journey, I kept telling myself not to pass out. I was conscious the whole time until I was wheeled into the emergency unit," said Wini.

Doctors later told her she was lucky the knife did not hit any vital organs. One of the four stabs hit the ribcage, which left her in excruciating pain.

Reflecting on her ordeal, she said she was still reeling from the incident.

"I am just traumatised. I feel lucky to be alive as this man obviously had no mercy at all."

Wini's husband, Suhaimi Mahmood, 44, had rushed to the hospital from home upon learning about his wife's ordeal.

"I am stunned this happened in a cafe in full view of the public. You hear about snatch thieves, but nothing like this. I hope this man will be caught soon."

The couple have a boy, 10, and two girls aged five and six.

In her bag were personal documents, cash and credit cards.

Her friend subsequently lodged a police report at the Taman Dagang police station.

Ampang Jaya police chief ACP Amiruddin Jamaluddin said no arrests have been made so far.

“We will interview the victim in a few days after she recovers to get a detailed description of the perpetrator."

He said police were unable to recover CCTV images from the outlet as it did not cover the outdoor seating area.

Images not caught on camera

THE CCTV camera at the cafe where Wini Roswita Abdullah was attacked was faulty during the incident.

A café staff who witnessed the incident revealed this to The Malay Mail.

At the time, the staff was in the midst of closing for business. They only realised something amiss when they heard customers screaming from the outdoor seating area.

“All I saw was a customer sprawled on the ground with blood everywhere and I saw two motorcycles riding off,” said one staff.

None of them managed to see the attacker's face.

A manager at the outlet told this reporter the CCTV system had temporarily malfunctioned during the incident.

Credit to Malay Mail ...

Hmmmm ... Wht happen to the world today ??? " They " willing did anyting to get wht "they" want .. " They are so cruel " ... I hope " they " will get the capital punishment .. Seharusnya !!!!! For the woman outside there please be careful !!! Don't walk alone , find somebody ( man ) to acccompany you ... Please take care of yourself !!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Menggilai Game Empire & Alien

Hello guys ... Dah lama kan eycha tak update blog ni ... Eycha sibuk dengan kerja plus sibuk main GAME yang tengah hangat dipasaran rakan2 eycha sekarang ... Hahahah .... So far dah 19 hari kita puasa kan ?? ( nak masuk 20 ) Malam ni hujan + angin kuat betul dah tu pulak kilat dan guruh sambung menyambung .. Tengok hujan dah turun balik baru jap tadi berhenti .. Hahaha .. Hujan rahmat ... ( macam lari topic je ni )

Inilah GAME EMPIRE'S AND ALIEN yang rakan2 lelaki eycha sedang hangat main ... Okay game dia macam ni :

Korang bina empires and then kena jaga tau jangan bagi orang attack ... Game ni kira nya sambil membina empire sambil berperang ... Cool babe ... Tak bosan lah .... Eycha baru je level 12 sebab dulu masa eycha mula2 main tadew orang pon nak join so bosan lah jadi stop cam tu je ... TAPI !!!! Bila sekarang dah ramai main eycha semakin bersemangat nak main .... Yukk jadi jiran eycha dan rasai kehangatan nya .... hahahah

Friday, August 12, 2011

im sudah gila ke ??

Facebook sudah gila ka ?? Tengok tu ... Az tak online pun tapi tibe- tibe muncul chat dia .. Haih ... Gila betul face book ni ... Lagi satu kan wall yang eycha dah remove pon ade lagi ... tak paham betul lah ...

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Panas lah ...

Hmm .. Malam tadi tido panas betul .. Pukul 4 lebey dah bangun , panas sangat ... Leher dah berpeluh2 , bila dah berpeluh gatal lah jadinya . Eycha garu punya garu sampai terluka ... Perghhh ... Masa mandy perit , pedih , sakit , semua ada ... Sampai sekarang sakit kot .. Peasan tak yang cuaca amat panas kan ?? Hmmm .. Tataw lah pe nak jadi dengan dunia ni .. Kalau hari ni hujan , esok panas bukan main terik lagi ... So banyakkan lah minum air kosong ye ??

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Chocolate Cheese & Chocolate Cake

Hello korang .... Selamat berbuka .. Kenyang tak ?? Alhamdullilah eycha kenyang ... Eycha nak cakap pasal cake ni .. Eycha ade beli cake dari kawan ( Fawa ) , sedap-lah .. Rasa dia sama macam mak eycha selalu beli dekat Daya Bumi .. Taw tak coklat cheese tu sedap taw sebab cheese tu atas dia .. Banyak . Emm rasanya kan kalau sesape yang nak try tu memang dialu2kan lah ...
yummy2 sangat taw ...

See the owner here : fawajaafar.blogspot.com

JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong writes and sings an OST

Kumpulan JYJ Kim Jae Joong menyanyikan OST untuk drama " Look out for the boss "SBS. Lagu akan dikeluarkan pada 10hb.

Kim Jae Joong memainkan peranan untuk Cha Moo Won, yang merupakan seorang putera dalam dunia perniagaan. Beliau menulis dan menyanyikan OST, " I will look out for you '.

Kata seorang pegawai, "Kim Jae Joong mempunyai suara merdu dan kebolehanmenyanyi terkumpul. Beliau menulis lirik dari sudut pandangan watak pemimpin. Laguini akan membantu perkembangan emosi watak-watak dalam drama. "

"Look out for the boss" tentang setiausaha baru wanita dan bosnya. Setiausaha cuba untuk melatih bos. Kim Jae Joong membuat debut berjaya dalam drama Korea. Lagu itu, ' I will look out for you " akan dikeluarkan dalam Online termasuk , Melon, Dosirak, Bugs, Naver, Daum, Cyworld, dan banyak lagi, selepas drama yang akan udara pada 10th.

Look out for the boss

Source: ENews 24 from Nate

Kak Araniza birthday

hahah .. epul buat muka ketat lepas makan ..

so gelojoh epul ... due2 strawberry dia makan ..

besar tak cake yang si sua kan kat eycha tu ???

yeah !!! suapkan birthday girl ..

tengok epul ... tamak betul ..

white chocolate music

yey !!! potong cake ..

*may your wish come true .. Amin .. Amin ..

kak etha tomey yang kepenatan ..

dua orang budak tomey ..

tengok tu bukan main suka lagi ..

*nampak tak cake dalam kotak tu

Happy Birthday to you Kak Ara Palau

8 august 2011 , eycha , kak ara ( birthday girl ) and epul celebrate birthday kak ara dekat Naratiwat . Hmm .. Eycha belikan cake hazelnut .. So far so good lah .. Tau tak kak ara punya lah touch sampai nak nangis masa eycha bawak cake dekat 7e ... Haha .. Eycha jadi clumsy sekejap bila kak ara nak nangis .. Haha .. Best lah rasanya meng - celebrate birthday seorang kakak .. ( Fyi eycha tadew akk o adk pompan ) Memula tu eycha dengan kak ara je yang celebrate dekat Naratiwat , agak macam bosan eycha call lah epul .. Nak ajak Bob dengan Kak etha drang keje lak .. Bila epul datang , meriah suasana .. Frankly speaking eycha bukan jenis yang tahu memeriahkan suasana .. Oh my tahu tak ?? Eycha suke sangat tengok kak ara happy .. Memang rezeki kak ara tak putus2 , lepas habis celebrate dengan eycha , kak ara celebtare dengan family dia pula .. Allah tu maha penyayang , walaupun ada " someone " yang melukakan kak ara hari tu tapi Allah bagi kegembiraan double - mable tok kak ara . Hmm ... Eycha tak sempat nak prepare hadiah sebab busy kerja , ni pun update lambat .. Haha .. Eycha harap wish kak ara masa tu akan jadi kenyataan . So sama2 lah kita doakan yang terbaik untuk kak Araniza .. Amin .. Amin ... Amin ..

Hayati-lah pic kat atas tu elok2 ye ...

Monday, August 8, 2011

Tak sangka la weh ...

Ngeeeeee .... Betul2 tak sangke weh ... Hahahah ... Ingat tak budak Azura Syira yang maki eycha arytu ?? Dek kerana dia maki eycha membe2 eycha blok dia dari FB ... Hahahah ... Betul2 tak sangka rerupa-nya kawan2 eycha sayang-kan eycha sampai cam tu sekali ... Hehehe .. Hati lelaki memang kite tak sangka kan ?? Tup2 je eycha tengok membe2 eycha tak kawan dengan dia lagi .. Even ex dak pompan tu ( membe eycha gak ) pon remove die ... Hahahah .... Cuke la syiaalll .... Cuma tinggal lagi dua orang je tak remove dia sebab drang due tu tataw ... Hehehe .... Eycha memang benggang dengan dak pompan tu tapi tak sangka-lah membe2 yang lain akan BLOK dia ... Ngeee ...

Wahai kawan2 ku serta adik ku .... I love you lah korang .... muaaahxxxx .... Tengkiu aw .. aw .. aw ...

Friday, August 5, 2011

Have you ever ....

Have you ever what ha ??? Hmmm .... Have you ever love me ??? Have you ever miss me ??? Oh dat's was totally not ... Dis topic about " parents " ... Take you're time and go to see your parents .. Pernah dengar tak ayat ni " 10 orang anak belum tentu dapat menjaga seorang ibu " ?? Haaa see2 .. Don't be like that , remember your parents sacrifice okay ?? Well , when you was young to many promise you did .. Hahah that times your parents just smile and hope you will fulfill your promise when you grown up ... But ... But .. But ... When you adult , you know how to raise your voice to your parents . You did it because your parents prevent you to do something dat's you thing was right ..
Have you ever think about their feeling ... So hurt when a child raise voice to parents .. Waaaa ... So hurt u know ... Menusuk kalbu babe ...

Then , when you have a gf/bf you just ignoring you parents .. Correct me if i'm wrong ... Tapi-kan most child did it .. Tak percaye ?? Tanya eycha .. Tanya la ... Hehehe ... Okay stop babling and let's cont okay ??? When you in love , dis world belongs to you .. Choyyy ... Hukum mana yang kate weh ??? Dis world belong's to ALLAH ... When your parents angry , sad or what , korang just buat donno je .. Kan ?? Kan ?? Kan ??
Have you ever think , who's money you use to treat you gf/bf ha ??
Have you ever think who da most love you ??
Have you ever remember who buy a toy for you when you merenggek2 cam gampang ??
Have you , have you ever remember who take care you when you sick ????

Now you get married , for girl there have excuse ( dengar cakap suami ) but ... but ... but .. but ... To man why must you listen to you wife ??? Atooyaii ...
Pernah ke masa dedulu korang denga sangat cakap mak korang ?? grrr ...

Just one thing dat make you have ever think about your parents , when you needs money and when you almost die .. Hahahah ..

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Selamat menyambut bulan keberkatan Bulan Ramadhan ..

Bila cakap pasal BERKAT teringat tahun 2010 .. Kelas 5 Berkat yang di pimpin oleh Puan Helen Jee Jun Kim .. Mase puase dekat sekolah seronok lah sangat .. Masa berjalan pun kite tak rase ... Hahaha ... Rindu taw .. Bila buat muka melepek je cikgu pun mesty cakap :

" saya pun puasa juga "
" saya pun tak makan dan minum "
" saya ni lagi penat turun naik tangga "

banyak lagi kata2 yang selalu kiteorang dengar bile puase ... Hahaha .. Pelajar2 pulak asyik lentok kan pale ats meje la , menongkat pale n dagu la ... Masing2 tak larat dengan cuaca yang panas .. Korang setuju tak kalau eycha cakap berpuasa masa bebudak lagi best .? Eycha bace kat post seorang kawan .." Katanya masa kecik dia minum air paip masa sekolah ... " Dan tekaan dia betul bukan dia sorang je pernah buad ramai lagi pernah buat termasuk eycha .. Post dia mengingatkan eycha masa umur 6 or 5 tahun .. Masa memula belajar puasa , selalu sangat pegi dapur minum air paip sebab nak minum air dalam jag or peti ais nanti kantoi .. Kalau mak dengan ayah ada pulak eycha menyusup dalam bilik air minum air tempayan .. Sejuk dan segar kot .. Heheh .. Tapi walaupun banyak kali tertangkap eycha tetap tak serik .. Eycha ingat lagi masa tertangkap dengan ayah .. Ayah cakap macam ni

" Kalau tak larat nak puasa , tak payah puasa .. Jangan minum curi2 minum air paip nanti sakit "

Eycha dengan senang haty nya pergi lah makan ... Lepas tu mak nampak kena marah kaw ... Hahahah ... Mak cakap ayah manja kan eycha sangat ... Klaka betoi at last bila berbuka eycha tak bule ddk same dengan drang yang pose .. Ayah juga ajak eycha makan sama .. Mak eycha garang taw pasal bab2 ibadat ni ... Takut eycha .. Sepanjang makan eycha ddk sebelah ayah je .. Hehehe ... Takot .. Eycha jenis yang tak serik , bila mak dengan ayah pergi kerja eycha la orang pertama yang membongkar peti ais kalau dah tak tahan .. Tapi makan itu sikit , ini sikit , tabule banyak2 nanti kantoi susah ...
Lagi satu pengalaman ialah eycha dengan haiza , fitrah , dan haizura .. Masa dulu balik sekolah eycha naik basikal so penat berjalan ( eycha tunda basikal sbb eycha sorang jke ade basikal ) kite orang pun duduk rehat kat satu tempat ni ( dirahsiakan ) kat situ ada buaiyan lepas tu pokok2 kat situ memang rendang . Haiza dan haizura ntah macam mana boleh petik jambu ke belimbing kecik , and then kite orang pun terbatal lah puasa gara2 buah itu ...
Lagi satu , masa tu Haiza tidur rumah eycha sebab mak dengan ayah balik kampung .. Dek kerana lena sangat tidur dalam air - cond , eycha n haiza terbabas sampai tak sahur ... Nak dijadikan cerita , haiza yang tengah lapa mengayat eycha sampai eycha dengan die makan kuih cornflakes sampai separuh .. Bila nak berbuka masing2 berlakon depan abg eycha , kekonon penat .. Choiii ...
Tu lah antara pengalaman masa kecik sekarang ni pulak bile dah ade sebab yang tak
membolehkan puasa ( bulan mengambang ) bukan main seronok lagi siap terlajak lagi ( ponteng la tu ) hahah ...

Dengan ini eycha na ucap kan selamat menjalani ibadah puasa dengan penuh keinsafan , kesabaran dan jangan ponteng2 lagi ye ..

Dayah , Azfarina , Lyna , Eleena , Syura , Ain Idrus , Ain Roslan , Nad , Yonn , Mazlan , Faiz , Ame , Sudirman , Aim , Ilham , Hairul , Mamat , Wan , Safuan , Fawa , Masitah , Atin , Eka , Safa , Shimeer , Angah , Balqis , Aisyah Kiran , Fiza , Suhaimi , Xing ( w'pun non muslim ) , Ayu , Mustaffa , Roshaimi , Syida dan Puan Helen Jee Jun Kim .... Selamat menempuh bulan yang penuh dugaan ini ... ( Tak kisah la kalo drang ta bace kan ) dan juga seluruh umat islam di negara ini ....

Monday, August 1, 2011

Penat la . Jiwa kacau

Eycha penat gilew skg ni ... Pale pening berpusing2 ... Mata pedih sepedih-nya ... 3 hari tak cukup rehat

Hari pertama ( JUMAAT ) - Pagi macam biasalah g kerja nun di hujung jalan .. ( B. belacan ..) Balik tak macam biasa , eycha balik jam 0800 malam ... huhuh , kerja banyak kot ... Balik st8 g 7E ... Lepak2 kejap dengan Kak Ara dan Kak etha and then go back to home ... Sampai rumah having my dinner thus did my work ... 1100 malam eycha mandi2 ( baru nak mandi ) then terus keluar g desa pandan dengan epul .. Kat sana kak Ara , Kak Etha , kakak kak Etha & Bob pon dah sampai .. Bergelak ketawa , saling meluah perasaan , bertepuk tampar antare staff 7e dan ex , ntah dalam pukul berape we all grak .. Epul naik moto dengan eycha so we all tunggu kak ara dekat 7e sebab dah janji nak hang out malam tu .. Sementara tunggu kak ara balik rumah amik lesen epul borak dengan abang sidon ... Eycha pula menyejukkan badan dalam 7e ... Afer ummmm ... 20 or 25 minutes kak ara arrive , we decide to go to Dataran Merderka .. Dah puas melepak dengan tangkap2 pic kat depan mahkamah tu we all pun gerak balik ... Tapi sebelum tu we all singgah dekat McD ampang point ... Eycha , Kak Ara n Epul meluah-kan perasaan dan saling berkongsi cerita ... Bila nak balik hujan pulak tu ... Hahah ... Macam tak nak bagi we all balik .. 0330 pagi we all lepak depan McD ... Merapu rapek sampai lee pukul 0400 pagi ... Eycha hantar epul balik ,eycha balik , eycha mandi dan sebelum tido say gud nyte kat kak ara ... 0430 pagi eycha pun beradu ....

Hari kedua ( SABTU ) - Pukul 0700 pagi mak dah bangun kan eycha sebab nak balik kampung .. Urrrghhhh baru je 3 jam tido , tolonglah paham ... Pale bukan main ting-tong ag ... 0730 pagi gerak balik kampong ... Haih ... Badan asew tak sehat sesangat .... Baru 45 minutes tido dah bangun balik pasal ayah berhenti nak breakfast ... Huhuhuh ... Pepagikan eycha tak suke breakfast so just order hot tea ( pagi tu hujan lebat dekat ijok ..) Hmmmm ... Sampai dekat mane tah eycha tertidur lagi ... Pukul 10.30 sampai dah dikampong ... Malasnya nak bangun taw ... Lepas letak barang kiteorang terus g pasar cari makanan tok LUNCH .... Hehehe ... Eycha beli sotong .... Susah nak cari sotong sebab dah tengah hari ... Menu Lunch hari ni ialah :

1 . Sotong masak kunyit .
2 . Ikan goreng haruan .
3 . Sambal belacan .
4 . Pucuk ubi ...

Makan dengan nasi yang panas2 ..... Perrrrghhhhh ..... Ta ingat dunie babe .... Heheheh ... Lepas lunch mak dengan ayah g shopping , eycha malas nak ekot sebab nak tido je ... Ade lah dalam 3 jam eycha tido dekat atas sofa yang kecik ( sakit badan kot ) ... Malam pulak ayah , mak , abah ( my pak ngah ) n eycha g makan2 dekat Hay resort ... Emmm so far so gud la makanan kat situ ... Tapi laicikang die memang the best .... After dat ingat nak shopping lagi tapi masing2 tak larat so balik go to sleep je la ...

Hari ketiga ( AHAD ) - Pukul 0500 pagi hujan turun kot ... Seee .... jukkkkk .... sangat ta yah pakai2 air - cond cam kat KL tu ...... Lepas tukan macam2 bunyik pelik yang eycha dengar ... Hiiiii , seram .... Malam tu memang tak lena lah ... Pagi tu pulak dengar mak menyiang ikan ... Aish ... So bising ... ( Bising sebab ikan tu nak di bunuh lah ... ) Mane ikan yang dah siap siang dengan basuh eycha amik eycha goreng ... Pukul 1200 kiteorang pon bergerak balik KL .... Sampai Kl kene teruskan hidup cam biase walaupun eycha selesema dan hampir2 demam ....

Sekian ....... hehehehe ..