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Monday, June 6, 2011

Something that you hide .

Are you guys agree if I said someone will traduce his/her ex-love ? Well maybe half of them will did it coz his/her ex-lover unfaithful or they get mad with they ex-lover ... Hahahah .... Sangat bangang bila itu terjadi . Last Friday i went to my " kampong " . While i having dinner at Sg. Besar restaurant , behind me have a group ... One of them so excited saying bad about his lover , i was wondering , how could he said like that ... When his in love with her why didn't his said bad about her , why after break up ??? Haiya ..... One more thing , did you notice that they always wanted to show their lover to their ex-lover . Macam gampang je perangai . It's okay if you want to show but don't over the limit ma ... When you break up , why dont you show it to all ? Sungguh memalukan . Why don't you go to her/him and slow talk about dis .... Coz you angry with him/her you talks bad about her/him ... Tak baik tahu ... Allah marah tahu ! ( Eycha so hypocrite . ) Yes i admit i do say something bad about others but it's between me and that person . Not like that guy at Sg. Besar , i think he want the whole mamak stall know about his ex-lover .... Sungguh tidak bermoral ! Memalukan bangsa ....! I really2 F*** person like him !!!

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